Saturday, February 2, 2013

Growing up to fast!!

Parker Dean Mroz is 4 months old!!  How has 4 months gone by so fast???  I am in shock at how much he grows and learns every day.
 We went to his 4 month appointment this week and he is up to 19 pounds and 27 inches long!!  that is about the size of a 9 month old, which is probably why he is about to grow out of his 9 month clothing.
 He is such a happy baby.  I love him more that words can express.  He makes me tired most of the time, but I love hanging out with him all day every day.
 Some things that he can do:  He now can roll from his back to his front.  He can't quite figure out how to go the other way around, but he will get there.  He can reach out and grab things.  He even scootches himself over to things that he wants.  Everything inevitably goes into his mouth if he can get ahold of it.  He is getting really close to sitting up by himself.  He just needs to not be so easily distracted cause it throws off his balance.  He loves to have his mom read him books, he loves to be naked, he loves chewing on things, he loves his mommy.
What a blessing this little guy is.  I love him so much and I am so excited to continue watching him grow.  I just wish he would maybe slow down a little bit!  The baby stage is going by too fast!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New Addition

Tim and I added a new addition to our family this last week.  September 20, 2012 Parker Dean Mroz was born.  We are so in love with this little guy.  He is the best thing either of us have ever done.  
 Thursday morning we went in to induce labor, 13 hours later it became very clear that the little guy wasn't going to come naturally,  about 30 minutes later we would realize why.
 He was 11 pounds!!! 23 inches long!!  He was off the charts in every way.  Perfectly healthy.  I have no idea how such a big baby fit into my belly! No wonder I had to pee ever 5 seconds, there was 11 pounds on top of my bladder!
 It's been a week and I grow more in love with every second.  He has been a pretty good baby.

I love my little family so much.  We are at the beginning of a big adventure and I am so glad I get to experience it with the two best boys ever!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A growing belly

As you can see by these recent pictures I am getting huge.  I swear that little parker doubles in size every single day.  He is getting so strong.  My whole belly moves when he is awake.  I love his big kicks so much.  It's when we bond the most.  I love him more and more every day, and can't wait tell I get to meet the little guy.  I'm in my third trimester now.  He will be here before we know it.  I can't wait to be a mommy!!!! but I am most excited to see Timothy be a daddy.  With every kick he gets to feel he gets more and more excited.  I love my boys!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Parker Dean Mroz

yesterday we found out the sex of our baby.  It's a boy :)  I am so in love and can't wait tell I can meet our cutie.  Throughout the whole ultrasound he was playing with his fingers and toes and I almost died it was so cute to watch.  It's the strangest feeling knowing there is a little person growing inside of me.  Tim and I are overjoyed and I can't wait to start getting the nursery ready for Parker's arrival!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Baby Mroz

there is a new addition to the Mroz family coming.  It's about the size of a plum right now and growing inside of me.


The little munchkin is a lot bigger than in this picture.  That was taken at my 8 week ultrasound.  Even at this small I can tell that I am going to have the cutest baby in the whole world.

I am at about 12 weeks right now.  Goodbye 1st trimester!
I had a pretty mild first tri.  no throwing up.  just a constant queasy feeling.  That hasn't been all that bad compared to the constant need to pee.  I hate this.

but all in all being pregnant is great :)  I'm excited for the next stage of it.  I should be feeling the baby move in a few weeks! plus in two months we find out the sex :)

We could not be more excited about this next chapter in our lives!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

hair cut

There is something about a brand new haircut that is so therapeutic.  Makes you feel like a new person.  It is a great way to break out a funk without spending tons of money.  

Thank you Amber for giving me my cute new hair do.  I'm excited.  It's bubbly and really easy to do, which is exactly what someone like me needs.

Monday, September 5, 2011


We took pictures today because it's been a few years since we had pictures taken
plus there is a new addition!  

 the kittens are an important part of our family
 representing the divided by!